Development strategy

Patrimoine & Commerce is positioned on a clearly identified resilient class of assets: retail parks.

The assets in which the real estate company invests must meet the commercial real estate challenges of tomorrow :


New consumer habits and the search for the best prices

Our approach

  • Offer a large range of stores (one stop shopping)
  • Provide low cost real estate reflected in products at the right price


Stores that are increasingly selective in their choice of location

Our approach

  • Select the catchment areas that provide the best consumption flows
  • Reach a critical size for each retail park
  • Offer low real estate costs


Better control over shopping centre town planning and the preservation of city centre stores

Our approach

  • Regain control over the peripheries of urban areas with well-structured and high-quality retail parks
  • Offer store names that complement the city centre stores

Company information

Patrimoine et Commerce

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7/9 rue Nationale
92100 Boulogne-Billancourt

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Real estate


With its strong territorial base (Paris, Lyon and Rennes) and its proximity to local authorities, Patrimoine & Commerce is implementing a clearly defined development strategy :

In the short-term : optimise the managed portfolio (i) by reaching a critical investment size in each retail park and (ii) by increasing the density of retail parks to improve their marketability (store mix)

In the medium term : develop the portfolio by harnessing two complementary channels :

  • Carrying out development work alone or with external partners
  • The networks of business referrers of the Group with coverage of the national territory

In the longer term : manage a high-quality portfolio and crystallise unrealised gains through the rotation of mature assets.

Backed by a pipeline of well-defined projects of €270m over the next 4 years, Patrimoine & Commerce is targeting a portfolio of nearly one billion euros.

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